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fully functional solar lamps made of discarded cardboard

Easy to assemble, low-cost, a fun practical approach to learning the basic concepts of solar technology


India is facing a severe case of energy poverty. More than one-fourth of population comprising the rural poor (292 million) lacks access to electricity and uses kerosene lamps for lighting purposes. It is well known that solar lanterns are a better alternative. In spite of entering the current market, the solar lanterns have not been successful in fulfilling people’s light-related needs. The  main reasons for this are high cost and lack of awareness among the rural poor population. 

Make Glow is a unique approach to address both of the above-mentioned issues directly.



Make Glow is a low-cost DIY solar lantern that will be built by students (13-17 yrs) from low-income communities in the rural parts of India. As part of a learning activity in class, students will build their lamps by tracing out a make Glow template on a discarded piece of cardboard. With easy to assemble cuts and folds, students will be able to build the lantern structure. They will then attach make Glow kit of parts to the lamp and complete the circuit to create a fully functional solar lamp that can be used as a reading lamp.
Make Glow aims to educate rural communities about solar technology by starting at the grass-roots level - in this case, school children. 



to educate the rural indian population about the benefits of using solar technology.